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Facebook Marketing Company In India

Jdigitals is a Facebook Marketing Company that knows the minutiae of advertising on Facebook and has a record of helping a big clientele. Our professional Facebook marketing services can scale up quickly and make your business reach peaks

The average monthly costs for our Facebook Marketing Services are 10,000 INR to 28,000 INR Per Month.

Result-Oriented Facebook Advertising Services That Drive Real Business Leads

Trusted Facebook Marketing Company For All Types Of Facebook Advertising Services In India

J Digitals is a Facebook Marketing Company that knows the minutiae of advertising on Facebook and has a record of helping a big clientele. Our professional Facebook marketing services can scale up quickly and make your business reach peaks.

Interested in our Facebook marketing services in India? Let’s Get It Started Now!


10,000 INR/ Monthly

Suits for Start ups


10,000 INR/ Monthly

Suits for Small Business


10,000 INR/ Monthly

Suits for Large Business

Why Should You Invest In Facebook Marketing Services?

Facebook is the most eminent social media platform with approximately 2.93 billion end users. It is estimated that approximately 6 new accounts are made on Facebook every second. Besides being the most popular social media platform, it offers the most favourable ground for advertising. 

Reasons To Use Facebook Marketing Services In India
  • You’ve seen competitors’ advertisements on Facebook.

  • You want to spot a big audience at lesser Facebook Ad Costs.

  • You want to gain more exposure for your business.

  • You’re looking to increase organic traffic from Facebook referrals.

  • You’re looking to expand your online marketing campaign with minor Facebook Costs.

Advantages Of Facebook Marketing Services

Reach Your Targeted Audience

As an authentic web development company in India, we don’t copy content from any other website to update the same duplicate content on our client’s websites. We have a team of in-house writers and we write unique content.

Full Funnel Marketing With Different Objectives

With the Facebook AI, you can target your buyers very easily and you can use funnel based marketing to cater for them. You can make use of different Facebook Ads formats and objectives to reach your targeted audience like Video Ads, Carousel ads, Image ads etc.

Target Competitors With Right Facebook Marketing

if you know your competitors then you can take benefit of competitor targeting on Facebook. You can’t target fans of your competitor or any other pages but you can target those who have shown interest in your competitor brand as their interest.

Measurable Performance

You can set your objective during Facebook ads creation and install Facebook Pixel and it will show you how the data changes like how much money you have spent on your Facebook ads and how many impressions and leads you have received.

Facebook Ads Are Affordable

You don’t need to worry if you have a low Facebook marketing budget. If you are a small business then you can still advertise on Facebook and generate leads and traffic for your business website.

Make Use Of Remarketing Campaigns in Facebook

You can target those visitors who have visited your website but did not make any order yet with the help of Facebook remarketing campaigns.

Different Objectives In Facebook Advertising Services

There are different objectives as per your goal requirement. Please check below mentioned Facebook ads objectives: AWARENESS


Brand Awareness





App Install

Video views

Lead Generation




Catalogue sales

Store traffic

Promote Local Business In Your Location To Drive Traffic To Your Local Business Store

Our Facebook Ads Agency Works HARD, So That You DON’T MISS A SINGLE OPPORTUNITY

  • Tailor-made strategy

  • Optimized posts

  • Committed social media account manager

  • Organic posts

  • Monthly/Weekly reporting and analysis

  • Regular Facebook audit and competitor analysis

  • Cover and profile photo design and optimization

  • Optimized and Boosted ad campaigns

  • Ad creatives, including copy, images, and graphics

  • Monthly social media consultations

Do Facebook Marketing Services Really Work?

The dominance of Facebook advertising in the real world can be estimated from the stats below:-

  • Approximately 53% of users probably buy the product of the same brand which they see on live chat

  • Facebook’s potential advertising reach is 2.11 Billion.

  • About 50% consumers interact with new brand through Facebook stories.

  • A large share of India’s population says that Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing than any other social network.

It is always beneficial to trust a professional Facebook marketing company in India. This is the best way to achieve faster results in a lesser duration. The Facebook advertising agency helps to run the Facebook advertising campaigns by the experts. This can significantly increase the conversion rates, drive traffic and upsurge sales. With the help of a Facebook advertising agency, you can keep a close stare at Facebook’s algorithm and can be more technically sound. Facebook Advertising Agency can give you an all-around competitive analysis to determine your competitors Facebook marketing strategy.

How Does Our Facebook Marketing Company Boost Small Business Facebook Marketing

J Digitals is a Facebook Marketing Company in India that knows the minutiae of Facebook advertising and has worked on many Facebook marketing campaigns. Our professional Facebook marketing services can scale up quickly and make your business reach peaks.

We strive to target audiences on the basis of our client’s goals by designing branded ads. We create catchy Facebook posts and share alluring pictures of our client’s products/ services that attract the visitor.

With our keen skills, we are able to focus on the more interested customers from a large group of people.

We know that every business is unique in itself, and a single Facebook Advertising Strategy can not work well for different kinds of businesses. Therefore, we provide social media marketing strategies that are customized to your needs and can bring a boost to your business.

Our Small Business Facebook Marketing Services Include:

Our small business Facebook Promotion services offer organic and paid advertising on Facebook. We always go the extra mile to help small businesses to make their Facebook promotion plan successfull. Here are the benefits small businesses can get with our Small Business Facebook Promotion Packages.

Our Organic Facebook Management Includes:
  • Facebook Page Creation

  • Daily Creative Posting

  • Sharing in Groups

  • Replying to Comments

  • Checking Competitor Activities

  • Reporting

If you want leads and sales then our Facebook marketing services can help you to get them too. Our team will create a Facebook ads campaign as per your objective and give you the best outcomes from the Ads Campaign.

We Deliver What You Expect From An Expert Facebook Advertising Company:-
  • Build your Facebook Page.

  • We Regularly Post

  • Respond to every valuable comment.

  • Respond to bad reviews on your approval.

  • Build campaigns to increase likes and shares.

  • Amend the Facebook Cover Page for better user interaction.

  • Give monthly or weekly reporting as per your need.

  • Analyze the results and work to optimize them.

  • Make plans to attract Local, National and International Customers as per client’s needs.

  • Build campaigns to increase likes and shares.

  • Deliver the best results at lesser prices.

Facebook Marketing Strategy We Follow To Promote Businesses
Audience Targeting

When we start any Facebook marketing campaign, we start with Audience Selection and how to target the best audience. It’s the most important part of any Facebook marketing strategy and if you target the wrong people to show your Facebook ads then you may not get the desired ROI from your Facebook advertising campaign.

The right Facebook marketing company will analyze your audience to drive relevant leads and quality traffic to your website or ads. This is what our Facebook marketing team focus on when you hire J Digitals as your Facebook advertising service provider in India.

Facebook Ad Design

We create attractive Facebook ad designs to attract and motivate buyers in the first impression. You have multiple Facebook ads formats to run Facebook ads effectively like Photo or image ads, Video Ads, Slideshows, Carousels and a collection of images to express your brand message to your target audience.

When you hire J Digitals, our team decide what Facebook ads format is going to give you the best ROI.


We have experienced graphic designers and Video experts who can create better content for Facebook ads to deliver the message to your targeted audience quickly.

Facebook Ad Copy Writing

Facebook ads copywriting is the most important factor in any Facebook marketing campaign. When you plan to run Facebook ads then you should have your objective very clear.

If it’s a brand awareness campaign then you should understand the challenges your buyers face and brand value. If you own an eCommerce store or sell products online then you must explain the benefits of your products and why one buy from you.

A/B Testing Of Different Ads And Landing Pages

Facebook campaigns fail if you don’t do A/B testing and strategy upgrades. There are two important factors of any Facebook marketing campaign first is Facebook Ad and landing page. If you have enough budget to do A/B testing then you can take better advantage of Facebook.

You should try different Facebook ads and landing pages to check which ad and landing page is converting better to increase ROI. Our team of Facebook marketing experts will take care of the research and development process to create different ads and landing pages to measure the performance of Ad Campaigns and landing pages.

Facebook Analytics And Ads Optimization

Our team of Facebook marketing experts analyze Facebook analytics to create a detailed report of Facebook marketing campaigns and this is the only way you can track the results your ads are getting. We monitor ads performance and do required Ads optimization to increase the performance of our Facebook marketing campaigns.

Why Hire A Professional Facebook Marketing Company In India

Paid Facebook Promotion Includes:
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