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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration is not just a license but a urgent need in the day today life of business. If you cant secure your brand then you will go out of business soon. Hence, if you want to start your business or already running a business, then go for trademark registration and secure your brand. Securing a brand with JDigitals is very easy and the whole process takes only a day. If you want to secure your brand today then just email us with your requirement and our sales team will guide you accordingly. The payment will take place online through secure payment gateway and all documents can be sent online through email. The trademark filing will be completed in a day and you will be able to use TM in just three days time. Hence, it is as simple as possible with JDigitals.

Documents Required for Trademark Registration


TM Requisition Form

This form is sent by our team and you just need to fill the same send us back online


Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a document by which one authorized the other person to file the TM on his behalf


Declaration for use of TM

You need to give declaration for using TM


Other Documents

Sometimes other docs are also required like MSME’s.

What All You can Register As Trademark?

Do you know that you can trademark a sound as well? Yes, though mostly people trademark the brand name of the company. But in reality, Trademark can be off various type like the sound of Paytm Karo, the red color of coke a cola, the famous ringtone of airtel etc. Hence, one must protect all his intellectual property at all cost. Here are various types of trademark explained


Pantene is the shampoo product and can be trademarked.



Have you ever seen the shape of beer bottle? It can also be trademarked.



Snapdeal, Flipkart are all example of service based companies



Remember the famous ringtone of airtel, it is also a trademark



The famous red color of coke is also a registered trademark.

brand_microsoft_word_icon_158805 (1).png


Google, yahoo, facebook are few example of word trademark.



The nike logo is also a example of trademark registration.



Just do it! a famous nike phrase and a registered trademark.

Trademark Search

Trademark search is one of the most important thing for trademark registration. Trademark search enables you to file the trademark registration more properly and correctly. But it is not easy to search the trademark as the search procedure involves a lot of filters and hence, there are multiple steps involved. All the required steps for trademark registration has been listed into the following steps;


Make a complete list

The first step for trademark search is to make a complete list of proposed marks that are required to be searched.


Visit the Trademark Public Search

Once the complete list is prepared, the next step is to write trademark public search on google and visit the required page.


Select the appropriate class

After visiting the website, click on the link for trademark classes and accordingly finalize the trademark class against each proposed trademark.


Search the trademark

Once the class and proposed mark is finalized, the next thing is to enter the details on the trademark public search trademark.


Check all filters

After the normal trademark search is done, the next step is to check all filters like phonetic search, included search etc.


Analyze the results

Analyze all the obtained results from the trademark search and check whether there are any chances of getting the trademark registration of your proposed marks

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Do you want to create a brand name for yourself like Paytm, Flipkart? 

Of course yes, then you are just about to take the first step in making. Trademark Registration is not just a license but a urgent need in the day today life of business. 

Trademark Classes

There are 45 classes defined in the trademark rules. Each of the class is differentiated with business activity one carry. Hence, to know your proposed trademark class, it is recommended to your business well and then choose the Trademark class.;

Trademark Class for Goods

Trademark class from 1 to 34 belongs to the goods. To choose your respective class first know your business and then choose or you can call us anytime.

Trademark class for Services

Trademark class from 35 to 45 is for services. Hence, if you are in service sector, then all your classes will fall anywhere between class 35 to 45.


If you are confused about your class & don’t have any idea, then it is recommended to call us at +91-9555769992 or email us at

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